Men like you and me.

Buddy, yes you. You and I are the best definition of failure. We are the best descriptions of tools that have forsaken their creator and tried to define their purpose by standards that suit them. That is simply what we are. You and I are a disgrace to the community, male society and worst of all, the body of Christ.

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Every relationship has an origin and a story; whether bonded with friendships, blood ties or love (romance). There is always a tale behind the birth of a relationship- we probably schooled together, met in a bus, in church, at the mall, at a party where we both crashed name it. With some friends, you click at first sight and with others you first rub shoulders, disagree, argue, and scold each other before becoming buddies. Some friendships relationships are evolving, some flickering, some blooming while others drowned in the waters of uncertainty.

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