Of women falling victims of objectification.

There is nothing that excites my soul compared to receiving news regarding the success of a woman. This is simply because that means one step ahead. One more role model who has broken the glass ceiling. When Rebecca Miano was appointed the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at KenGen last year on the 1st of November, I would tweet about it and talk about the same the whole week. Do you know what that means? Being a woman in the energy sector?  She was the first female C.E.O in the history of KenGen. My friends would even inquire if I know her in person.

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Thoughts of a Young Feminist.

I like to think women as bold, remarkably strong and assertive creatures. This is evident with my list of women portraying the aforementioned attributes. They include my mum, my girlfriends, single women, women who act like single women because their prince charming turned to be a douche bag, young girls who succumb to early pregnancy wait, scratch that, women who have carried born and unborn foetus in their wombs, Chimamanda Ngozi, Michelle Obama. These are just but a few; you are free to add your bold strong assertive woman in the comment box.

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