Marystella Natasha is the owner and co-founder of this blog. She is a young vibrant student and writer who was born in the late 90’s when typewriters were considered obsolete.

She is an avid reader of African Literature and hopes to write a book someday. Sarcasm is her forte which she incorporates in her writing often. She is a fashion enthusiast and dislikes making regular visits to the salon. She has a high affinity to porridge, avocadoes and chocolates. She can devour a sack of avocadoes and a fountain of chocolate effortlessly without sharing, not even if that was her last chance to go to heaven.

The main aim of this blog is to change people’s perspective on how they view life. To grow, connect, inspire and entertain. This site has three main categories: Quick reads, Candid talks and My style. Under Quick reads we have four sections namely: Insights, Musings, Humour and Fiction. Fiction, a category woven with impeccable skills and a fierce imaginative mind. Any relation to any story in this category should be considered coincidental. Humour, a place for you to crack your ribs. You will relate to the articles in the musings section, I promise. Insights are opinions of the author.

Candid talks is a combination of real stories told by brave souls and articles written by guest writers. On the My style segment, I will feature creative styles and popular trends done by young creatives ranging from dress code to accessories. The styles mentioned are defined as classy, elegant yet simple.

If you are a young creative and would like your article or style featured, kindly contact me.

Altogether, all articles are written with love. Enjoy!