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The matatu is a shuttle, an eleven-seater, but we are currently sixteen passengers or rather adults since we are not counting the kids. Two men stoop in front together with the tout, with their hairy armpit dripping with sweat. One of them grumbles that his neck is aching. The weather is sunny; the matatu is stuffy and the sweltering heat radiates from aluminium sides of the vehicle.

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Of women falling victims of objectification.

There is nothing that excites my soul compared to receiving news regarding the success of a woman. This is simply because that means one step ahead. One more role model who has broken the glass ceiling. When Rebecca Miano was appointed the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at KenGen last year on the 1st of November, I would tweet about it and talk about the same the whole week. Do you know what that means? Being a woman in the energy sector?  She was the first female C.E.O in the history of KenGen. My friends would even inquire if I know her in person.

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Men like you and me.

Buddy, yes you. You and I are the best definition of failure. We are the best descriptions of tools that have forsaken their creator and tried to define their purpose by standards that suit them. That is simply what we are. You and I are a disgrace to the community, male society and worst of all, the body of Christ.

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Ageing gracefully

Birthdays are days to celebrate, laugh, love and be happy. However, when you are turning the big 20; things get a little hazy. When I was fifteen, I did not decipher why one would lie about their age; more so when an older person quotes a lower age. “Why don’t you concede that you are 29 and not 24 as you claim” It did not make sense; I found it ludicrous.

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